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AZT is the abbreviation of Azerbaijan Time. Time zone offset of AZT is UTC+04. Azerbaijan Time is 4 hours ahead from the UTC universal time. AZT current date is 25th Monday September 2017. Current time in AZT (AZT).

AZT Time

25 September 2017 Monday

AZT is the short form of Azerbaijan Time, which has been used in a small country of Azerbaijan, located near the Caspian Sea, including the cities like Baku, Sumgait, and others. Traditional Azerbaijan Time is 4 hours ahead of the UTC universal time, and starting from summer 2016, summer daylight saving time is used there, which is 5 hours ahead of UTC time standard.

What time is it in Azerbaijan Time now? It is 10:20:33 right now.

Azerbaijan Time Date and Time Now in Various Formats

Date Time FormatAZT Date Time Now
RFC 2822Mon, 25 Sep 2017 10:20:33 +0000
RFC 850Monday, 25-Sep-17 10:20:33 UTC
RFC 1036Mon, 25 Sep 17 10:20:33 +0000
RFC 1123Mon, 25 Sep 2017 10:20:33 +0000
RFC 822Mon, 25 Sep 17 10:20:33 +0000
RFC 33392017-09-25T10:20:33+00:00
COOKIEMonday, 25-Sep-2017 10:20:33 UTC
RSSMon, 25 Sep 2017 10:20:33 +0000
Unix Epoch1506334833
YYYY-DD-MM HH:MM:SS2017-25-09 10:20:33
YYYY-DD-MM HH:MM:SS am/pm2017-25-09 10:20:33 AM
DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS25-09-2017 10:20:33
MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM:SS09-25-2017 10:20:33

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